Welcome to the homepage of Russ Thompson Racing (aka Statman)

As of the middle of 2015 my web site hopefully serves two purposes - as a home

to some photos taken either by me or friends through the years,

or as a home to some karting history - both magazine covers and Grand National race results.

There are some photos surrounding my years working in radio and television,

some photos from races at the Nashville Fairgrounds, Indy photos from the 1970's, 80's, and 90's,

and a some from the 1979 Long Beach GP.

Also, photos of the Hoover Motor Express under construction in Quinn Epperly's shop in 1959,

photos from the yearly IndyCar pre-season tests at Barber Motorpsorts Park,

some from the 2006 Nashville Firestone Indy 200, and the 2006 Sonoma IndyCar race.

I'm adding photos every now and then, so keep checking back! I'll highlight them with a "New" widget for awhile.

To view my blog on racing at the Nashville Fairgrounds, Click here

Select any of the following pages to view the photos or use the nav bar at the top of the page to jump to sections.

The first link leads to the karting home page. From there you can go to
pages of magazine covers and a matrix that has links to IKF Grand National race results from 1960 - 1998.

This page has photos from my years in the business, both radio and television.

A page of random photos of some of the stars who have raced at Nashville's Fairgrounds through the years.
Photos and results of individual races from the Nashville Fairgrounds
Also Fairgrounds related, here is a page with the covers of most of the souvenir programs.
Anyone who is a fan of racing at the Fairgrounds knows they produced some of the best programs ever!

Twenty-six pages of photos (over 500) from short tracks all over the Southeast - dirt and asphalt.

From the late seventies and early eighties, including Huntsville, New Smyrna, Atomic, and others.
Or, if you don't want to go page by page, click the link below and get an automatic slide show of all 500+ photos.
Each link below takes you to a page of magazine covers for that specific publication.
Photos from other individual races.

Photos from the 1979 Long Beach Grand Prix. All photos by Lynn Haddock.
Photos from different years at the Long Beach Grand Prix. All photos by Gary Hartman.

Pages of photos from Indianapolis qualifying and some Verizon IndyCar Series events from recent years.

Photos of the Hoover Motor Express Epperly roadster under construction

This page was last updated on 12/16/2015.