A few photos from my 2006 visit to Parnelli Jones' Museum

A look at some of the classic cars in the museum
Dirt car
Al Unser's Viceroy dirt car
Dihedrial wing
The 1972 Dihedrial wing Champ car
A replica of the 1963 winning car - identical to Calhoun
1968 Turbine
Joe Leonard's turbine from the 1968 season
1971 Champion
Joe Leonard's 1971 Championship winning car
Twin Dihedrials
Mario's #9 on the right as it was designed,
Joe Leonard's #1 on the left as the cars raced in 1972
Indy winner
Al Unser's 1970 Indianapolis 500 winning car
1973 Parnelli
The 1973 Parnelli Champ car
F1 blue car
One version of the Parnelli F1 car
F1 red car
Another version of the Parnelli F1 car
The Lotus that Jim Clark drove in the 1964 Indianapolis 500
Parnelli won two races in this car later in the 1964 season
Dihedrial headon
A headon shot of the dihedrial car
The man himself giving us the tour. What a day!

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